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Welcome Back To The Right Stuff
We now have more than 4900 members. More than 310 couples have met and married through The Right Stuff.

Our new, faster website is more convenient and easy to use. There are many other wonderful new features. More are being added all the time. Try our new "Smart Search" or find a travel companion.

Fees And Other Monetary Matters
Regular Memberships
There are two types of regular members.

The basic membership gives you all the joys of membership, complete access to the web site and our weekly emailed lists and announcements for six months.

You may select an enhanced basic membership that includes all of the above and monthly postal mailings. You will receive a complete list of active members of the opposite sex and six monthly updates to that list. The updates include members who are new, renewing, relocating or revising profiles, as well as those who have suspended their memberships.

At the present time there is no charge for basic membership in Georgia, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington State, Texas, Florida and Canada. There is a registration fee of $30. To have an enhanced basic membership, members in these areas will need to pay for the postal mailings.

Reduced Rates for Regular Memberships - save as much as $25*
Our Special membership fee is $50.00 for a basic six months' membership ($30.00 for full time graduate students or for undergraduates from class of 2005 or later.)
*Act Now- These Are Limited Time Offers

List of all active members of the opposite sex is $15.00

Monthly postal mailing of new, renewing, relocating members: $16.00 for 6 periodic mailings.

Photo fee : No charge for us to scan your photos. Reprints give the best results. You may change your photo as often as you'd like.
Renew Here
You have two options:
Express renewal: No need to complete the forms. Just verify contact information, age and make payment.
Renewal with new forms: Complete the membership forms and make payment. If you have not completed an online bio, you must submit your bio on-line.

If your membership is suspended and you want to rejoin, please indicate on the express renewal or the renewal with forms.

We will verify your membership eligibility within 48 hours. This will enable you to use the web site within 48 hours if you have provided a password.

We will send regular members a complete list of active members through the postal mail.

Welcome back and have fun!

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Call at 800-988-5288
Fax at 973-783-5618


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