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The Right Stuff has many rejoicing members. Many found love; many found friends; many have banished loneliness from their lives. Start rejoicing with these sample profiles of our wonderful members and statements and observations from a few of them below.

After meeting a number of interesting women through your service without sensing the fateful spark, I found my future wife in Philadelphia. Her short and long bios, her photographs and her letter were so appealing that I violated my two cardinal rules (no long distance romances and no kids) and met her in late July 199X. We are happy, the kids accept it, and her dog loves me

I am sending this testimonial in the hope that it might inspire others to join and participate in The Right Stuff. Peter and I met through The Right Stuff, and after three great years, we married in February… I am writing to request that you suspend my membership to The Right Stuff…Everyone I met through The Right Stuff was interesting and personable. If this new one doesn't work, I will certainly be back actively in The Right Stuff

We're very happy, our children are very happy and we all actively recruit others for The Right Stuff. This is a great service for busy people

Please remove my name from your lists. Through The Right Stuff (she wrote to me!) I've met and courted a woman whose life and temperament give me great joy and secure. Thank you

I could never have dreamed what a difference The Right Stuff would make in my outlook…I no longer feel isolated and without control over my
I honestly cannot adequately describe the way your excellent service has enhanced what was already a very satisfying life

A 53-year-old woman is to The Right Stuff what a 'hard-to-place child' is to an orphanage. But I am now part of a network, encountering new personalities every month, if only by mail. I have had sweet, funny notes from guys who wrote to say 'no thanks'. I dated a guy who proceeded to return to his previous girl friend and get engaged...Through it all, I've had a great time

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